From Nara with love :)

After every failure there’s always an achievement!

Posted on: June 15, 2011

Life is full of surprises. Sometimes you try to achieve smth.,and put almost the most percent of your power,time,interest on that subject, just to achieve it. And in the end you see that the 1st place takes the person,who didn’t make as much attempt as you. The only thing you should do then, just  try not to lose your hope,inspiration,and of course belief. May be that’s the destiny’s job 🙂  May be that person has deserved that subject much more,who knows? After every failure,there’s always an achievement,it can be a little one,almost not visible for us. Because people in most cases don’t appreciate the things they got. We should look to our life through the optimistically-realistic prism,only then we might see how not thankful we are…God knows what is pursuiting us every second that we live,but with our thoughts,actions,ideas,words we can change many many things for the better and  worse.

Let’s not blame destiny every time, i know it’s so easy,but just try to do smth by yourself. Be sure God will appreciate your efforts. God is merciful and kind to his creatures! )


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