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Advantages/Disadvantages of Facebook, from my point of view)

Posted on: June 25, 2011

         One of the most popular among social networks FACEBOOK, as almost all of you know was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and was launched in 2007. As every single thing in our lives Facebook also has its own advantages and disdvantages(pros/cons). Let’s start from the  Advantages‘  list: 

  1. It’s a virtual place,where people can stay in touch with their friends,acquaintances,relatives,who may be live in other country,city,street,or the next door 😉                        

 2.U can like different useful for you pages,be a member of some interesting groups.Thus you can be informed of many new events:it can be new scholarship programmes , job vacancies,social projets and so on and on.                                     

 3.You can have fun with your friends and add some positiveness to your mood just by commenting some collective photo 🙂 4. I would say the biggest advantage of Facebook social network is being an area,where different companies,firms from various sphere can put their advertisements,intruductions about their companies.I do believe that in such an active,crowded with warm atmosphere place their attempt won’t be unnoticed.I would continue writing some more advantages,but i guess it’s time for Disadvantages, thus:

 1) FB contains too much information about its user’s life,and spreading that a big info can be harmful and even dangerous for you.                                                                                        

  2) If u get  involved in FB too much,it can take most part of your time,so u won’t feel how so many hours have passed in such a short (for you) period of time

                                  3) Be careful!You can be infected with FB virus. Then almost every minute of your life you would like to enter to your profile and share every your little action, as some of my friends do 🙂      

         Well, i just tried to imagine some Pros and Cons of Facebook,that start being the main part of our lives. Social networks add some pattern to our daily life.These patterns’ narrows,colours are various,so it all depends on a person,how the one considers it.


3 Responses to "Advantages/Disadvantages of Facebook, from my point of view)"

thats true i agree wid u

thanks 4 awaring me, specially on FBs disadds….

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