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Become moreee attractive

Posted on: June 27, 2011

          Attraction is a strange thing. A person can be perfectly beautiful,but if they are not attractive, their beauty can go unnoticed. Being attractive doesn’t mean that we should have a pretty look. Show your inner beauty. But how should you do that?

Be yourself !

Many people try to hide their true essence, pretending to be someone else. You have no reason to hide your shortcomings, or to pretend that they do not exist. There are no perfect people. Sincere people are usually more attractive. Don’t be shy. Love yourself and you will be loved by others.

Speak to the point

 There is something attractive in those people whose words are full of meaning. Do not talk just for the sake of talking. Abraham Lincoln said: “It is better to be quiet and to be thought a fool, than to speak and resolve all doubt.”

Listen to others

Today the art of listening is forgotten by many people, but still,it is very useful.When you listen to someone, you must really listen. If a conversation with you is no different from talking to the wall, you may not be attractive. There is something magnetic in the people who know how to listen.

 Laugh :)))

 Any person becomes extremely attractive when laughing. Look at the world form the positive point of view. Try to laugh more often. Everyone likes a person with a sense of humor. Nobody likes a downer with a bad mood.

 Smile 🙂

Smiling is the easiest way to be attractive. When you smile, you become more open to others. Did you know that the most successful people are constantly smiling?  

Stop  complain’ !

Many people constantly complain, while making no attempt to eliminate the causes of these complaints. Stop whining and complaining about your fate, otherwise you will have even more troubles. Enjoy your life and be thankful for its gifts.

 Feel your attractiveness

You can not be attractive in the eyes of other people until you feel you own attraction. Value yourself and be confident.However, remember that the line between confidence and boldness is very thin. Avoid the latter.

Be open to other people

Nobody likes closed, unsociable people. Be open to new relationships, communicate. No matter whom you talk with,remember – you are not worse.We are all part of one cell – of a mankind. And the last, look how beautiful this world is and the world in its turn, will see how beautiful you are…


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