From Nara with love :)

30th june-Lover’s Day in Azerbaijan

Posted on: June 30, 2011

Love is a pure,wonderful feeling,that can fill one’s heart with a beauty,sense of tenderness and happiness.It  joins two souls and brings two hearts together. Nowadays it’s not easy to find  real love,but it’s possible. But i should remark that it’s not us who search and find a real love,that’s a love that finds us, in unexpected for us time…

    It has already been a few years that this date symbolizes the wedding of Ilham Allahverdiyev, who died in January events of 1990. After his death, his wife Fariza committed suicide. In honor of this true love, the date of their wedding became Lovers’ Day. The couple married in 1989.

        Dear friends, i wish you always to  love and to be loved by your special ones) Because love is such an indescribable feeling, inspiring and  helping you to step forward in this life. Appreciate the ones you love  and you are loved by today,because tomorrow you may not have this chance … From Nara with LOVE 😉


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