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CES summer school 2011/ my impressions)

Posted on: July 11, 2011

          I would like to share my impressions about the Caspian Engineering Society’s 2nd summer camp (there was 1 winter camp as well) that was held on 2-8 july in Qafkaz university.We had an amazing week,enriched with various useful for technic-based students seminars such as GSM Overview seminar, Hysys simulation, Drilling, Hazop, Controllers,and etc.Excursions that we had to AZERSUN holding and Caspian Energy Center in Sangachal i would consider as the answer to our questions in a practical way.

          Besides seminars,case studies,presentations we had a social program,that added special patterns to the camp:) This social program was consist of the Brain ring, Bowling, Paintball…and eventually Talant show,that everybody was waiting unpatiently.After being divided into 4 teams,each team participants prepared smth interesting,where they supposed to put their talant,ability.I was in “CES guys” team,and we decided to compose a song,dedicated to CES summer school.To my happiness, in our team almost everybody had a talant to accomplish our plan.After making it ready in last minutes, we made a slide-show with selected funny,impressive photos,taken during the camp.While we’re singing our slide-show was on as well.I wish that song would be summer camp’s hymn )

           I’m happy to be one of the participants of  the camp . Because during the camp i’ve learned a lot about Oil and Gas industry (thought my speciality is ‘Applied Mathematics’),also about different spheres,’coz every day’s seminars were about different technic-related branches.Furthermore, CES summer school helped me to find friends and  get to know  brilliant people with a rich inside world,that have never refused to answer to our questions,or listen to our ideas. I would like to thank ‘CES summer school 2011’ organizers,coordinaters,seminar leaders and everyone who added some color to the camp 🙂 Already miss those days)




3 Responses to "CES summer school 2011/ my impressions)"

Himn qeweng idi. Inwallah caliwacam onu CES himni kimi qebul elettirim. Gelen kamplarda heyif biz iwtirak ede bilmeyeceyik. Amma koordinator ola bilerik.

Bizim oxudugumuz mahni CES-in himni olsa super olar) Lachin m.dedi ki,mahni uzerinde biraz ishlemek lazimdir,ses yazma studiyasinda :))

wekillere baxdim lap kovreldimee :)))

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