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Azerbaijan carpets

Posted on: July 25, 2011

     Carpet making is a very old and highly developed craft. Archaeological finds bear evidence that it was already in existence back in the 9th century B.C. Written sources of later periods, for instance, writings by antique Greek, Roman and Arab authors (Herodotus, Xenophon, Al-Mugaddasi), also indicate that carpet making is indeed a very old craft. In Azerbaijan, it has developed over centuries to reach the summit of perfection. Azerbaijan craftsmen have produced magnificent specimens – from simple pileless carpets to the exquisite khalcha variety. 

 It is accepted to divide Azerbaijan carpets into four types:                                                   

1. Ganja-Gazakh (with manufacturing centres in Ganja and Gazakh);
2. Ganja-Gazakh (with manufacturing centres in Ganja and Gazakh); 1. Guba-Shirvan (with manufacturing centres in Guba, Shirvan and Baku); 
3. Garabakh (with manufacturing centres in Garabakh, Shusha and Jabrail); 
4. Tebriz (with manufacturing centres in Tebriz and Ardebil).
        Azerbaijan carpets are manufactured in various techniques. Basically they are divided into piled and pileless. 

         Pileless ones include palas, kilim, sumakh, zili, shadde and verni. Palas and kilim are simply woven, while sumakh, zili, shadde and verni have an intricate weave. 

         Piled carpets require especially sophisticated techniques. Here one should master an entirely different technique, with a pile knot applied to every two warp threads, making it possible to bring out a host of designs of any shape or size.

       Carpet making is an ancient craft,that our country possesses.  We can see  how our carpetmakers with such a big sense of proud represent Azerbaijan at  the international exhibitions. Good job! 🙂  From Nara with love)


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