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Two weird cases

Posted on: July 26, 2011


Woman with longest nails,who hasn’t cut her finger nails since 1979 loses them in a crash Sept . 3, 2009 A Salt Lake City woman who held a Guinness World Record for her long fingernails before they broke off in a car crash. It was the most dramatic event of her life.To grow her nails fast and strong she has her own philosophy “you are what you eat” so she eats high protein diets which are what nails are mostly made of.
Before the fingernails were being broken, each of her fingernails measured 30 inches and they were growing since 1979 and among her fingernails the longest nail were on her right thumb which were 2 feet 11 inches.
She was also offered to cut her nails for $100,000 but she never accepted the offer.
Lee Redmond who hasn’t cut her finger nails since 1979. I really can’t understand this kind of people’s actions.I guess after losing her nails,she had a big regret about not accepting the suggestion,offering $100,000 for her nail cutting 🙂

2. Baby For Sale on Ebay – Baby For Sale?!
German police confirm that they today have taken a seven month baby away from a couple in Bavaria and local child welfare investigators are looking into them after the couple put the child up for sale on Internet auction site Ebay. The description read, “Male baby almost 8 months old, sleeps well through the night and does not cry much.” “Good for infertile couple or single man/woman wanting a child.” The baby boy was put on sale on Tuesday at a starting price of one euro (1.58 dollars) and was withdrawn from the site around two and a half. So cruel  decision,and how  do they live after that?! And they r called parents…


2 Responses to "Two weird cases"

The first event is interesting,but the second really horrible:(((

Yeap,i was shoked after the 2nd one =/

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