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My teacher’s interesting teaching strategies )

Posted on: October 2, 2011

          Well, being on the 4th grade at my dear ASOA, im able to feel the current grade’s busy and active atmosphere. Things have changed a little,i guess that’s how everything is supposed to be in order to add smth unforgettable,special,some difference to our days,therefore life. Now i would  like to talk a little about our new teacher-Khanlar mellim. Last year almost all 4th graders  insisted on his hard,strange character and attitude with students. But  he’s absolutely opposite to the man,that they all were describing then 🙂

          I really do like one of his tactics: In the middle of the lesson, when almost the half of our group (let me notice that usually there just  7 or 8  of us in the group,but officially in the list-14) is about to fall asleep,even if looking at him,but their thoughts (as our other teacher said-Sefter m.) ‘somewhere in the forest’ 😀 Guess what he is doing-after a short explaination of smth. he doesnt repeat the sentences, he merely makes us write it all,as we  all understood from his precious explaination,and just after  we r  reading what we have understood and took a note 🙂   i do appreciate it,coz on one hand, it helps students to concentrate on his lessons,and on the other hand,the percentage of the ones,who could remember and recognize smth new—> grows. He is the only teacher  from all my uni years,that doesn’t let students  get bored or want to sleep during the lessons, he would always find smth interesting, related to new technologies,innovative openings,that we all would be interested in and that’s for sure!) Unfortunately he will be absent tomorrow (he’s  busy these days but this is gonna be his first skip)soooo we have decided to have a movie afternooooon 😉 appreciate ur student life)


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