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I liked the answer of  this german muslim scholar. When he was asked about terrorism and ISLAM 

He said :
 Who Started The First World War ? Muslims ??
►Who Started The Second World War ? Muslims ??
►Who Killed About 20 millions Of Aborigines In Australia ? Muslims ??
►Who Sent The Nuclear Bombs Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki ? Muslims ??
►Who Killed More Than 100 Millions Of Indians In North America ? Muslims ?
►Who Killed More Than 50 Millions Of Indians In South America ? Muslims ??
►Who took about 180 millions of african people as slaves and 88% of  them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean?Muslims??

” NO, They weren’t Muslims!!! First Of All, You Have To Define Terrorism Properly….If A Non-Muslim Do Something Bad…….It Is Crime, But If A Muslim Commit Same……He Is Terrorist…. So First Remove This Double Standard….Then Come To The Point!!! “



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