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German,but being muslim,giving an answer, based on real facts about how Islam is far from the terror

Posted on: February 8, 2012

I liked the answer of  this german muslim scholar. When he was asked about terrorism and ISLAM 

He said :
 Who Started The First World War ? Muslims ??
►Who Started The Second World War ? Muslims ??
►Who Killed About 20 millions Of Aborigines In Australia ? Muslims ??
►Who Sent The Nuclear Bombs Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki ? Muslims ??
►Who Killed More Than 100 Millions Of Indians In North America ? Muslims ?
►Who Killed More Than 50 Millions Of Indians In South America ? Muslims ??
►Who took about 180 millions of african people as slaves and 88% of  them died and was thrown in Atlantic ocean?Muslims??

” NO, They weren’t Muslims!!! First Of All, You Have To Define Terrorism Properly….If A Non-Muslim Do Something Bad…….It Is Crime, But If A Muslim Commit Same……He Is Terrorist…. So First Remove This Double Standard….Then Come To The Point!!! “


4 Responses to "German,but being muslim,giving an answer, based on real facts about how Islam is far from the terror"

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I love this quote. I really need the reference. Please help. contact me on

The scholar telling this is Pierre Vogel, his website is He did several lectures about what islam says about terrorism in different places in Germany, last was in Frankfurt, open air. He is a great speaker. German media blackmails him all the time.

Mkamp,thanks for the details)

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