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April 30th, 2009…bloody terrorism act in Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.  It’s hard to remember that gloomy day. I was in my 1st grade  then, and i was on my way to the attacked building. Impossible to forget how people  in a state of shock and panic (actually weren’t aware of  the situation properly) calling,looking for friends, mates,and trying to figure out what was going on…Especially it was such stressful moments, when  3 days after the accident, we had to go to that calm,cold university,where every step was reminding us of  that horrible day…Rest in peace,innocent victims…  


Well,there r some top busy, gloomy and weird moments,when u are about to get influenced by your own pessimistic thoughts.It can be related to whatever… So, i would consider the inner world’s ‘inspiration killing whispers’ as the  enemy of humanity…yesss, that’s what capable to lift u high or be the reason Read the rest of this entry »


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