From Nara with love :)

Life just gives you time & space, and it’s up to you to fill it)

Posted on: April 14, 2012

Well,there r some top busy, gloomy and weird moments,when u are about to get influenced by your own pessimistic thoughts.It can be related to whatever… So, i would consider the inner world’s ‘inspiration killing whispers’ as the  enemy of humanity…yesss, that’s what capable to lift u high or be the reason of your pessimism…I still do remember my group member’s words on these subject,while having a little discussion [in more detail, during a 10 min. break between classes:)].Here r that brilliant words: ‘We have to observe life though the optimistic-realistic prism’ !!! 🙂

 Hmm… here below is a picture from my favorite movie “Persuade of happiness”  (That’s a lil bit out of my post’s subject) but still,words r  so real…protect ur dream…


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