From Nara with love :)


                                                                         Welcome to my Blog)

          Before starting  my blog’s introduction and in some point description i would like to introduce myself a lil bit. Well, my name’s Nermin. My friends call me Nara,Narik or Nemish 🙂  I’m 22 and  I study ‘Applied Mathematics’ at Azerbaijan State Oil Academy. It’s my 4th year. After attending Ireli PU’s weBlog3 trainings, i’ve created my own blog. This blog includes different articles on different topics. It can be the ones,taken from my life,that contain my points of view,impressions about different cases,events,activities. Furthermore, the articles about the cases,  that have really  catched my attention. So, dear friends,visitors feel free to leave ur opinions,wishes,questions as a comment to my posts 🙂

From Nara with love)


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Nice blog, good luck Nermin!

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