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April 30th, 2009…bloody terrorism act in Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.  It’s hard to remember that gloomy day. I was in my 1st grade  then, and i was on my way to the attacked building. Impossible to forget how people  in a state of shock and panic (actually weren’t aware of  the situation properly) calling,looking for friends, mates,and trying to figure out what was going on…Especially it was such stressful moments, when  3 days after the accident, we had to go to that calm,cold university,where every step was reminding us of  that horrible day…Rest in peace,innocent victims…  


          Well, being on the 4th grade at my dear ASOA, im able to feel the current grade’s busy and active atmosphere. Things have changed a little,i guess that’s how everything is supposed to be in order to add smth unforgettable,special,some difference to our days,therefore life. Now i would  like to talk a little about our new teacher-Khanlar mellim. Last year almost all 4th graders  insisted on his hard,strange character and attitude with students. But  he’s absolutely opposite to the man,that they all were describing then 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »


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