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Ramadan has come with its blessings like rain wiping away all our sins and making room for good deeds to be planted. May we reap its fruits in Ramadan and after Ramadan.Ya Allah! Let our last days be the best days of our life, and our last deeds be the best of our deeds. And the best day, the day we meet You! Ameen!

The Prophet (SallAllahu Alaihi Wa Salam) said, “There is a gate in Paradise called Ar-Raiyan, and those who observe fasts will enter through it on the Day of Resurrection and none except them will enter through it. It will be said, ‘Where are those who used to observe fasts?’ They will get up, and none except them will enter through it. After their entry the gate will be closed and nobody will enter through it. (Bukhari)


RAMADANis the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is the Islamic month of fasting, in which participating Muslims refrain from eating and drinking during daylight hours and is intended to teach Muslims about patience, spirituality, humility and submissiveness to Allah. The month of Ramadan is a tremendous witness on the Day of the judgment. Read the rest of this entry »


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